Anatomy Introduction

By Jacob Wilson

I have to admit, this particular section has had me siked for a while now! The human body is an unbelievably complex mechanism and deserves a tremendous amount of attention from a physiological/anatomical standpoint!

Today is merely the beginning stages of what will blossom into a massive section, filled with top notch up to date physiological and scientific breakthroughs!  

Outline of What The future holds for Anatomy & Physiology Section

I. Overall Training Anatomy and Physiology - This will include an endless supply of articles dedicated to scientifically enhancing your ability to build muscle, bust through plateaus and have an understanding of the inner workings of your body!  

Section One as You can see has already begun to be filled out this month! The following sections are not included yet, but will be in the very near future!  

II. Anatomical Illustration Section - This aspect of the site will include in depth illustrations, that show the muscular system, nervous system and skeletal system!  

III. Muscular System In Detail - We will begin this section next month. This will be built to show each and every muscle group in the human body! How every last part functions and how to manipulate those functions to growth! Examples of features within these articles will be:
A. Muscle fiber makeup
B. Illustrations for further comprehension
C. Complete Functions 
D. Athletic Purposes
E. With every new muscle group I will include a workout!
F. Much, much more!

IV. Nervous System - Here we will cover in depth how our neural system works! And exactly how to manipulate it for athletic performance and muscle growth! There are countless tricks and endless articles to be included here, so stay tuned!

V. Hormones - This section will be dedicated to hormone manipulation! This includes insulin manipulation, testosterone, human growth hormone and other anabolic agents! You will learn what they are and how you can enhance them naturally through training and diet!!!!

There are countless plans for our new anatomy and physiology department! And I believe we will all benefit tremendously from it!
That being said I sincerely hope you enjoy this new experience!


Jacob Wilson


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