Champion Nutrition Amino Acid Shooter – The Supplement Revolution of the Decade!




Champion Nutrition’s new Amino Acid Shooter is designed to maximally stimulate muscle growth, while maintaining a low body fat percentage. The formula does so through providing the critical nutrients for muscle growth in pharmaceutical doses, while promoting caloric efficiency. 

Below we will list the top 10 reasons why Champion Nutrition’s Amino Acid Shooter is a must have in any bodybuilding supplement regimen.

1.  Muscle Growth is Stimulated Directly Through an Infusion of Essential Amino Acids to the Blood Stream!

Champion Nutrition’s Amino Acid shooter delivers a rapid infusion of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) directly to your blood stream. This rapid infusion is critical to muscle growth as protein synthesis is directly proportional to the amount of Essential Amino Acids in your blood stream.  Below is a graph from a recent study conducted at the University of Dundee. The authors infused Essential Amino Acids into subjects’ blood stream and found a powerful relationship between the amount of EAAs in the blood stream and protein synthesis!   



Adapted from Bohe J, Low A, Wolfe RR, Rennie MJ. (2003) Human muscle protein synthesis is modulated by extracellular, not intramuscular amino acid availability: a dose-response study.  J Physiol. 552(Pt 1):315-24. 

2.  Essential Amino Acids are the Rate Limiting (critical) Nutrients for Muscle Growth. 

There are 20 amino acids which make up muscle tissue. Twelve of these are Non Essential Amino Acids (NAAs) as they can be produced by the body; while eight, known as Essential Amino Acids can only be provided through diet.  Numerous studies clearly show that EAAs are the rate limiting (critical) nutrients for muscle growth.  As an example, a recent study found that 6 grams of pure EAAs stimulated double the muscle growth as compared to 6 grams of mixed Essential and Non Essential amino acids typically found in a normal protein meal! The Amino Acid shooter is designed to produce the purest and most concentrated form of EAAs available in the industry. 

3.  The Amino Acid Shooter is The Most Caloric Efficient Supplement on the Market Today!

Calorie Efficiency is defined as the amount of muscle growth produced to a given amount of calories consumed. The Amino Acid shooter can stimulate an equal amount of muscle growth as a normal protein meal containing double the calories! In a recent study conducted by Dr. Volpi and colleagues, a group of subjects were given 18 grams of EAAs, while a second group received 18 grams of EAAs along with 22 grams of NAAs, which is similar to a normal protein serving. While calories were more than double in the second group, the amount of protein synthesis was identical for both protein feedings! By maximizing Caloric Efficiency, an athlete can safely increase calories in the off season, as well as lower calories while preparing for a contest.  The bottom line is that bodybuilders can now stay leaner in the off-season, and have a greater ability to become ripped while pre-contest dieting. 

4.  Protein Feedings are critical for Muscle Growth

Protein feedings should occur as frequently as possible. In fact, in between meals athletes enter into a catabolic or muscle wasting state. To combat this bodybuilders can increase meal frequency from 6-9 feedings a day. The problem is that increasing meal frequency can lead to the storage of excess calories as fat.  In addition it can promote insulin resistance. The Amino Acid Shooter however is designed to increase protein synthesis without significantly raising insulin levels! By consuming the formula between meals, a bodybuilder can do more than stop muscle wasting between meals, they can actually maintain a constant state of muscle growth.  Further, because insulin levels remain lower between meals, fat metabolism can still be maintained! As demonstrated above, the Amino Acid Shooter is able to increase protein synthesis independent of insulin increases. 

5.  The Amino Acid Shooter is Based on the Principle of Nutrient Timing

The timing of nutrient consumption can have critical impacts on muscle growth. For example, Dr. Tipton found that consumption of EAAs prior to training increased protein synthesis in the exercising legs more than 6 times resting levels!  It also had double the protein synthesis then when compared to taking the drink after exercise. There are several reasons for this:  First, consumption of the Amino Acid shooter will raise EAA levels in the blood rapidly.  Secondly, exercise increases blood flow, particularly to working muscle tissue.  These two effects combined will powerfully increase muscle growth! 

6.  Consumption of the Amino Acid Shooter Will Result in Net Protein Synthesis (Muscle Growth)

In the above study, Dr. Tipton also found that there was an overall net protein synthesis in response to weight training combined with ingestion of the EAA mixture. Weight training alone is able to stimulate protein synthesis, however, protein breakdown is also heightened.  The result is that resistance training typically leads to an initial state of muscle wasting, or net protein breakdown!  The Amino Acid shooter triggers an anabolic response immediately to exercise, blunting the negative muscle wasting effects of exercise stress. 

7.  Blunted Protein Breakdown in Response to EAA Consumption

During exercise muscle tissue breakdown is heightened tremendously.  In fact, the three Branched Chain Amino Acids, which make up one third of muscle tissue are preferably destroyed during training.  If you supply a rich source of BCAAs prior to training, the body will utilize them over muscle tissue.  As a result you will enhance recovery, and lower muscle soreness. This was confirmed through studies by Dr. MacLean and colleagues (1994) who found that the ingestion of BCAAs before exercise lowered muscle protein breakdown, while Dr. Nosaka (2003) found that BCAA supplementation before and after exercise lowered muscular soreness. 

8.  The Amino Acid Shooter Will Lower Fatigue

One of the reasons why athletes experience fatigue near the end of their workouts is due to the entering of Tryptophan into the brain.  Tryptophan is an EAA that increases in the blood as athletes exercise. Once in the brain it is converted to Serotonin, responsible for the fatigue felt during training.  For this reason the Amino Acid Shooter excludes Tryptophan from its formula.  However, what is also known is that BCAAs block the entry of Tryptophan into the brain.  Therefore consumption of the Amino Acid Shooter prior to exercise will decrease ‘Central Fatigue.’

9. The Amino Acid Shooter Will Enhance Satiety

The feeling of fullness between meals is referred to as satiety. Often when dieting, athletes experience extreme hunger pangs and cravings. Wilson, G. (2003) investigated ways to manipulate satiety for the athlete in An Investigation of the Satiety Mechanism: A Research Initiative.  

Wilson, G. investigated one of the most asked questions concerning satiety: what is the most satisfying macronutrient—fats, carbs, or proteins? Current evidence suggests it is in fact proteins! Two separate experiments gave subjects a high-protein, high fat, or high carb diet, and compared hunger and satiety throughout the day. Participants on the high-protein diet felt less hungry and fuller than the other two diets, and the high-carb diet had better results than the high-fat diet. Packed with 45 calories of Essential Amino Acids, Champion Nutrition’s Amino Acid Shooter is therefore, an excellent way to fend off hunger pangs between meals, without the guilt of added fat gain.

Lastly, the delicious Fruit Punch Flavor of Champion Nutrition’s Amino Acid Shooter is enough to suppress the strongest of sugar cravings.

10. Additional Ingredients in the Amino Acid shooter

While an emphasis has been placed on EAAs, the Amino Acid Shooter formula also includes electrolytes, glucuronolactone, caffeine, and creatine. 

The importance of electrolytes to maintain proper fluid balance has been documented in several studies to be a critical component to optimizing performance (Wilson, 2003). Further, investigations on performance drinks which include glucuronolactone have been shown to enhance concentration, reaction time, and cognitive performance ( Alford et al., 2001, Horne et al., 2001, Seidl et al., 2001 ), suggesting that  glucuronolactone may enhance exercise performance.  The evidence supporting the ergogenic effects of creatine are numerous.  In fact, in a recent meta analysis on creatine supplementation Branch (2003) concluded that Millions of man hours and thousands of researchers over the past 40 years are all coming to the same conclusions – creatine supplementation increases lean body mass, decreases body fat and enhances recovery. 

Lastly, Champion Nutrition has ingeniously designed two Amino Acid Shooters: one with Energy Boosters (Caffeine and Glucuronolactone) and one without Energy Boosters. This way the athlete can have a small stimulator effect before workouts with the Energy Booster Formula, but avoid this effect between meals, or when supplementing with this before bed.

How to Use Champion Nutrition’s Amino Acid Shooter

Pre workout Recommendations

To maximize nutrient timing, a serving of the amino acid shooter is recommended to be taken 30 minutes prior to a training session

Between Meals Recommendations

Between meals an athlete enters into a state of catabolism. However, the Amino Acid Shooter can be taken between meals to raise EAA levels. Even a single scoop of the amino shooter between meals is enough to stave off catabolism and trigger an anabolic response!

How to Make the Amino Acid Shooter

To optimize the taste of the Amino Acid Shooter, we advise mixing one scoop with 8 oz. of water and ice. Then, sip the solution slowly over a 30 minute time span. More or less water can be added depending on your goals and preference. For satiety purposes, studies show that water content effects energy density and can influence hunger. A study gave participants milk with the only difference being water was added making the milk 300, 450, or 600 ml. Results found that adding water to the solution significantly reduced subsequent intake of food. Therefore, someone dieting may opt for a more dilute solution of the Amino Acid Shooter.


The Amino Acid shooter formula is the most revolutionary supplement of the decade, and is based on countless hours of meticulous laboratory research. When utilized this supplement will enhance muscle growth, decrease body fat, lower central fatigue, and give you a potent Champions edge! 

Champion Nutrition
Amino Acid Shooter, Fruit Punch
2 lbs.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 3 Scoops (19g)
Servings Per Container: 18
Per Serving
% Daily
  Total Calories 45     
     Calories From Fat    
  Total Fat g 0%   
     Saturated Fat g 0%   
  Cholesterol mg 0%   
  Sodium 25  mg 1%   
  Potassium 40  mg 1%   
  Total Carbohydrates g 0%   
     Dietary Fiber g 0%   
  Amino Acid Profile  
  L-Leucine 3,000  mg  
  L-Isoleucine 1,100  mg  
  L-Valine 1,100  mg  
  L-Lysine 1,100  mg  
  L-Methionine 300  mg  
  L-Phenylalanine 1,100  mg  
  L-Threonine 1,100  mg  
  L-Taurine 1.500  g  
  L-Histidine 700  mg  
  Creatine Monohydrate 5,000  mg  
Energy Booster Formula Also Includes:

Glucuronolactone: 350 mg
Caffeine: 110 mg

Other Ingredients: Citric acid, silicon dioxide (processing aid), natural and artificial flavoring, malic acid, xanthan food gum, potassium phosphate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, sodium citrate, red 40 lake, 5-hydroxytryptophan.
Champion Nutrition
Amino Acid Shooter, Fruit Punch
18 single serving packets
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 packet (9.5g)
Servings Per Container: 18
Per Serving
% Daily
  Total Calories 30     
     Calories From Fat    
  Total Fat g 0%   
     Saturated Fat g 0%   
  Phosphorus 25  mg 0%   
  Sodium 20  mg 1%   
  Potassium 3 mg 1%   
  Total Carbohydrates g 0%   
     Dietary Fiber g 0%   
  Amino Acid Profile  
  L-Leucine 1,750  mg  
  L-Isoleucine 800  mg  
  L-Valine 800  mg  
  L-Lysine 800  mg  
  L-Methionine 200  mg  
  L-Phenylalanine 800  mg  
  L-Threonine 85 mg  
  L-Histidine 500  mg  
  Glutamine 1,000  mg  

Caffeine: 75 mg
Other Ingredients: Citric acid, silicon dioxide (processing aid), natural and artificial flavoring, malic acid, xanthan food gum, potassium phosphate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, sodium citrate, red 40 lake, 5-hydroxytryptophan.





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