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I’m not sure of the exact date when I stumbled upon ABC Bodybuilding, but it was long before I joined the forums in September of 2007.  I came across ABC Bodybuilding when I was trying to learn about hyperplasia after reading about the concept in an Iron Man magazine book.  Once I found the website, I was amazed at the depth of research presented on various topics.  I have read 90% of the articles on this website.  I have found each one to be thorough, thought provoking, and very practical.  The authors of the articles always provide the practical applications and conclusions along with sample workouts which leave the reader with the ability to take the information into the gym.  In addition, I gave my life to Christ in September of 2002.  I was already a Christian when I first found ABC Bodybuilding and I was impressed that there was a website that combined spirituality with the pursuit of bodybuilding.  Some of my favorite articles have been; Supplement Review – ZMA, 24 Workout Mass Diet, Power Partials, Building the Ultimate Back, Physiological Aspects of Bodybuilding, Muscle Fibers, The Window of Opportunity, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, and Sodium and In-depth Analysis, Tapering, Periodization, Leucine – practical applications, Acute Training Variables, Optimal Protein Meal Size and Frequency and just about anything on triceps (my favorite muscle).

My involvement with ABC was simply reading articles from time to time until September of 2007 when I made my first post.  During the next 7 months, I might occasionally check in on the website.  However, on April 29, 2008, I posted about having trouble gaining weight.  It was after that post, that I became what you would call, a “regular.”  I visited the forum often and tried my best to give help and receive help. 

I view April of 2008 as the second start of my venture into fitness.  I initially took an interest in fitness in 1997, but after 11 years of on and off training, I did not have much to show for it.  In April of 2008, I weighed around 180 pounds, benched about 250 touch n’ go, squatted 270 while almost getting buried under it and deadlifted 363 with bad form.  Over the course of 1 year of being active with ABC Bodybuilding, I have expanded my knowledge of fitness exponentially.  Being a member of ABC Bodybuilding has motivated me to continually learn more and the more I learn, the more I realize how much I still don’t know.  It’s exciting to see JHR active again with articles almost monthly.  President Jacob Wilson and Vice President Gabriel “Venom” Wilson have been a constant source of motivation thanks to their pursuit of science and passion for bodybuilding.  Various members such as klosey, will-work4andro, maverickBU, superbilt, HardCory, and others (too many to name!) really served as inspiration in various ways, whether it be their personal knowledge, drive, honesty, ability and encouragement.  This community of online friends is wonderful.

During this year, I have increased my lean mass and while I don’t have exact figures in terms of bodyfat percentage, I did successfully get my bodyweight up to 200 for a period of two weeks before beginning my first ever cut.  That is a 20 pound gain in 1 year, mostly lean.  My bench is now 275 paused, squat 390 with a strong arch, and deadlift 466 with good form.  My gains have been newbie-like in the past year thanks to the information and motivation I have received at ABC Bodybuilding.  If you would have told me I could make that much progress in 1 year, I would have said you were crazy.  I also would have thought that I would be content with a bodyweight of 200 lbs and a 466 lb deadlift, however, I now know there is so much more potential to be unleashed.  I believe the human body can achieve so much with the proper rest, nutrition, training and motivation.  ABC Bodybuilding has been absolutely integral for me in terms of learning and applying the correct nutritional and training programs along with providing that extra bit of motivation.  I have continued to set goals for myself that I know will be broken with hard work and devotion. 

Starting a journal in the forum has been a key component of my success as well.  Knowing that you will post your workout for literally hundreds of people to see, keeps the motivation to push yourself going hard.  There is no substitute for internal motivation, which I have plenty of, but the online journal provides some external motivation which can help take you to the next level.

The spiritual aspect of this website has been great as well.  I have occasionally posted at another bodybuilding website (not to be named) only to find that the dialogue is course and flaming is abundant.  I prefer the cordial atmosphere of ABC Bodybuilding.  I believe the Christian foundation of the founders of ABC has kept the forum clean and enjoyable place to be for many people.  I enjoyed reading some of the Bible Study Links prior to the website switch.  I am glad to see Klosey getting some of these links back up and running.  Recently, HardCory has taken up the task of running a daily devotional.  What a valuable resource!  If for some reason I miss my morning devotional time, I know that a great devotional awaits me on my office computer.  And even if I don’t miss my personal devotional, I still read HardCory’s.  Also, the Sanctuary section of the forum is a great way to discuss Christian issues with fellow members of ABC Bodybuilding.  For those who are lacking in Christian friends or someone in their life who can hold them accountable, the Sanctuary is the place for you.

I see myself being active with ABC Bodybuilding for a long time.  My priorities in life are God, Family and then fitness so ABC Bodybuilding fits in quite nicely with number 1 and 3!  Thanks for a great website and community!

- Tim (Commander)

Respect to all the team that created and is supporting that sigh. I read your articles and always am impressed by 
the professional way you promote and explain various issues in a scientific but very simple way.What to say more? 
Journals, exercises everything perfect. Those days I decided to expand my supplementation and I found great 
support by your articles.

Many thanks

- Rea

At 168 pounds 18%bf  and 18 years old I had spent the past two years focusing on gaining size as fast as possible.
My diet consisted mainly of weight gainers, fast food restaurants, sugar loaded snacks and high fat meals at home.  

My training frequency and intensity by anyones standards was abismal at best. by my size it was hard to think that i had been training on and off for 2 years, it started to dawn on my that maybe i was just not ment to be big. This led to the decision to quit completly i thought why bother it aint working so sod it, I felt what was the point,I was depressed. so i gave up,

Just over 1 year later i decided i was going to try again but this time did some research first, along the way a friend recommended the website, so i registered with them,

The site itself contains thousands of details, and with moderators like venom, old school and l0stsheep any questions were cleared up a.s.a.p

now after two futher years of researching, reading the boards and now in many cases from knowledge i have gained on the way answering questions to members who are were i was 3 years ago, i have now reached 260lb and 14%. (steroid free i might add)

so thank you to, the mods and a few members in particular who helped my knowledge grow with me.

dzoni - sraight line views

dirtbagdan - HIT and knowlege on chemical supplementation

g.i.m - possible powerlifter of the future



- dan (klosey)

Well, Mr. President, I must give credit where credit is due. I have been weightlifting since my freshman year of high school after I broke my neck in a bad surfing accident, and was forbidden from playing football. I started lifting hard, and finally stumbled upon this site. It has been a staple in my training, and began my interest in the study of physiology, nutrition, and strength and conditioning. Back in June of 2006 I won the Nationals of Power Lifting for under 18 at the 198lbs. weight class after years of intense training only to be more intense in my quest to compete at the World Championships of Power Lifting in Las Vegas, Nevada this passed December of 2006. There were many nations represented, many strong athletes from around the world, but I came out on top becoming the World Champion and setting the new dead lift world record for my class. I don’t want to take up any more of your time, and I don’t have much myself, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the site and all of you and the other moderators’ advice. I was hoping you would pass on my thanks and appreciation to the other moderators, and once again thank you for everything.

All my best,

- Dave

The training and dieting articles in this site are extraordinary,  the administrators of this web site are also Top Gun exercise scientists, they are extremely well respected by the vast scientists in the field, and in my opinion exercise and nutritional revolutionaries. I've gained more mass doing the various training programs in this site than any other program I have tried in the past and believe me I have did many. The nutritional articles are superb as well as a matter of fact,  the breakdown of the diets go right down to the molecular level. Needless to say, I have gained little to no fat while bulking, and I'm somewhat of an endomorph.

You guys are awesome!

 - Kevin (Kprzcreation)

Dear Mr. [Jacob] Wilson,

You don’t know me, I have been a reader of ABC Bodybuilding for only a few months now. One day I looked into the mirror and realized that I hated what I saw, I was fat and flabby. My diet consists of junk food and exercise was non existent.

I came across your article "Fat Loss 12 Week Workout Program " and followed it right down to the T and it worked like a miracle and not only did I lose a lot of weight I gained some muscle and toning in the process too.

I would like to say thank you, your training program made me look and feel better about myself and it has enabled me to lead a healthier lifestyle, strive for better fitness and it has changed my life. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

- Dean McCarroll

Hello there,

I finally got back in the gym after a 2 year absence in which I gained an enormous amount of weight. Going from a lean 175lbs ('5.11) to a soggy 218lbs. Anyhow, I started the 13 week diet and workout and am more then thrilled with the results. I am quite possibly in the best shape of my life. Now I do need lose more fat, but I have slimmed down to just under 200lbs - around 198lbs - and have put on allot of muscle, not to mention the fact that I can wear clothes that I could not wear for 2 years. My legs are far more muscular, I finally got my chest back and my face is no longer round - lol. Honestly my body has been literally transformed in just under 2 months. Not to mention that my cardiovascular system got a kick in the but - I decided to up my cardio to around 4 - 6 days a week.

Anyhow, I want to thank you guys for all your good work, I also want to thank my friend Adam for introducing me to your website.


- David

I have been coming to this site for a long time. Practically everything I do when it comes to eating, lifting, running, or sleeping for that matter is information I got here. This place has made me a better person and a better lifter. It helps me stay straight edge. It is my help button for life. The point to all of this; you say. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you , thank you. You are all the best.

- Birthright (abc member)


You are THE MAN!

I'm 41 years old, 6' 1/2", with a small to medium frame.

My entire life I have lifted and attempted to gain weight.

I ate everything I ever wanted. As years past, I eventually got big. I peaked out at about 225 lbs. In hindsight, on my frame I looked ridiculous.

Yet because I was always skinny as a kid, I would look in the mirror and ask, "What's it going to take for me to reach 235?"

No one ever told me I was fat!

On my fourteenth birthday I went to the cardiologist who finally broke the news to me - I was overweight.

I took off the first twenty lbs. easily. The next ten rolled over easily too (less alcohol.)

I then had to focus on the diet and I was able to lose the next 10 lbs. to get down to 185.

It was at 185 lbs. that I hit a sticking point. I was strict with my diet for 10 straight days and didn't lose an ounce.

Then I found your website.

I kept my caloric intake the same around (2000 per day), but as your diet dictates I virtually eliminated the carbs from meals 4, 5, and 6 and replaced those calories with equal calories from the EFA's (flaxseed and safflower oils.)

That is the key.

The fat has been shedding off of me immediately.

It's to the point where I am probably going to up my calories to slow down the weight loss.

Today is only the fifth day of following your diet and I've dropped 1.2, 1.2, 0.8, and 1.0 lbs per day, respectively.

Of course, I've also incorporated your workouts and have had the best week of training in my life. That's another story.

I can actually feel my muscles growing and my fat shrinking.

Thank you once again for sharing your deep knowledge and experience.

I will be recommending you and your site to my friends.

- Sean M. Connolly

My education on nutrition as well as the deeper parts of the muscle and fibers is becoming so much more interesting. I have actually become so interested in not only building my own body, but now I look to learn and help others do the same. I do appreciate the time and love you have for your fellow man – you guys are Great! This site as you know could cost a member lots of money and, I probably couldn't afford it. You have made exercise and the love you have for the Lord more fun than ever because of your unselfish caring. Thanks a million! My compliments on your work, all of you!

- Rick Carl

I am a Christian Powerlifter and am very happy to find your encouraging website. The more I look, the more Christian sports enthusiasts of all kinds I am finding.
Keep up the good work, folks!

-          Dave Yarnell 

Hey ABC Bodybuilding, I just wanted to comment about your website. I am so blessed to know that this is a Christian Website. I have used your programs for a long time and Lord behold, it's Christlike. Praise God. Anyways, continue the blessed work.

- Lenny

Thank you for putting those Bible verses in your article Glutamine - the conditionally essential amino acid.  I'm a Christian and it made my day to read that.  And I 100% agree that is the MOST essential thing we can have, a relationship with Christ. God bless you and thank you for that encouragement.


What can I say? The warriors of the iron jungle are also warriors of God Most High. The biblical knowledge that Adam, Gabe, and Jacob display is incredible, they contributed greatly into me becoming born again. If it wasn't for the way these guys write there responses to my questions and the numerous biblical study guides they constructed, I most likely would have reverted to my old sinful ways. Thank you so much guys for what you have done for my spiritual growth. I also want to thank my fellow ninja William Ustav for posting top of the notch info in the many topics of the biblical study guides.

-Kevin (Kprzcreation)

Hi , my name is Paulo and I am from Croatia. This site is the best thing i have seen in a long time. It has helped me in training my body and my soul. Your bible study links are just amazing. I have read first 5 chapters and still have a lot to read. I hope you post this message because you guys changed my life and I thank you again for that.A lot of christians don't know this stuff and I was sadly one of them. But you have opened my eyes. What is it good if a man gains the world but loses his soul in the process.( true,true) Especially thanks to Venom and O.S (Adam Knowlden). God bless.


Hey Adam I read your blog on the *Re: The devil is messing with your mind- Pray and see results part 2 *and it was awesome!!! I was doing some studing on the topic and Satan and I stumbled on your blog and it was a true blessing. I"m really glad on finding I"m really into working out and trying to change my life for Christ and not live for this world…If so please let me know. Thanks so much for that detailed lesson. God bless.


I just recently started working out again and wanted to read up and get current with exercising. By God's direction, I found your site. I just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly encouraged by you guys and your faith being imprinted all over your site and articles. Keep up the excellent work. We are not here merely for ourselves but to be used by our Lord in mighty and powerful ways.

-Chris Lee

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